All Kerala Painting, Literary and Best Reader Competitions

Kochi International Book Festival (KIBF) conducts various competitions for children from all over the Kerala in the name of 'Varnotsavam' . As the name indicates it is a festival of colours and literary art forms. The competitions include painting competition, Best reader competitions, poetry recitations, extempore etc. These competitions will help the children to come close to the various literature heritages that are present in our country. These competitions will increase the reading habits in children which is vanishing nowadays.

Children from all over Kerala are getting chance to express their talent in this esteemed Kochi International Book Festival. Thus encouraging the budding talents of our country to excel in the art and literary forms of India. Since its inception, Varnotsavam at Kochi International Book Festival has become a major Talent Hunt activity in Kerala.

This years' Varnotsavam will be held on 1st April, 2022

Kochi Literature Festival

A tribute to those who imagine immensities

We are now in an era of story-yelling, instead of storytelling, driven by the illusion that the latest and the loudest are the most significant and most deserving of our attention.

We also find ourselves bombarded with bits of disjoined information, devoid of the sense making context. There is a gaping rift between wisdom and information . Transmuting information ,whether objective fact or subjective experience — into wisdom, is the story teller's job.

KLF attempts to present the taciturn story teller, the teacher, and the enchanter, out from the subterrane of their fertile solitude – blurring the dividing, distancing lines and erudite fragmentations.

A Big Salute to those who imagine immensities

Literary Debates

Kochi International Book Festival (KIBF) organize literary debates on various relevant topics. These debates help to introduce new, fresh and creative ideas on literary works and methodologies.

We Kochi International Book Festival (KIBF) successfully conducts these literary debates for the past 24 years and has become a trendsetter in the Kochi's literary legacy.

Art & Cultural Programmes

Apart from the book exhibition, Kochi international Book Festival (KIBF) gives equal importance to the art and cultural programmes. One week of cultural festival for Kochi, the queen of Arabian sea.The prestigious Kochi international Book Festival (KIBF) conducts programmes featuring fine arts and folklore endemic to our culture. In cultural programmes the talented artists from various parts of India exhibit their art and talent and it helps to understand the different cultures across India. Kochi international Book Festival (KIBF) gives special importance to the true art forms of Kerala so that these art forms are preserved for the upcoming generations. It is a renowned event in Kochi, a place who is having a rich tradition of literary and social movements.

Kochi International Book Festival (KIBF) launched Twenty Four years ago, by the Antharashtra Pusthakotsava Samithi, Kochi, committed to enlighten the art and literary forms in its true sense.

Poet's Meet

Kochi International Book Festival (KIBF) conducts poets and writers meet and become a common platform for them. The poets and writers from all over kerala and India come over for this prestigious event and meet different people. These meetings helps them to grow their horizons and experiment with new ideas and culture.

These meetings are getting warm welcome from the readers and the audience. These readers can see their favourite poet and writer and meet them in person. We are giving opportunity to the audience to interact with some of the poets and writers.